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College Planning Fresno is partnered with “The College Planning Network,” the nations premier provider of college admissions and financial aid services. Together we make your family’s goal for higher education more attainable and more affordable.


College Funding

Understanding money and how it works, how to grow it, and how to protect it from the vicissitudes of taxes, market fluctuations, law suits, inflation, college expenses, and other eroding factors – is our main objective.

Macro versus micro planning.

Is college funding about a financial product? Such as 529 plans? Or, is it about a funding strategy? Since every financial product has advantages and disadvantages, a properly  engineered financial strategy helps accentuate the advantages while minimizing or even eliminating the disadvantages.

We help analyze opportunities and risks that families need to keep in mind early on, when considering how best to have enough college savings for their kids. By helping families consider factors like taxes, financial aid, and unforeseen changes in the future economy, new opportunities can arise that make for a college savings strategy for each family’s unique situation and needs.

Supplementing the expert guidance from College Planning Fresno, College Planning Network’s proprietary portal will lead you through the financial aid process to gather pertinent data, securely upload critical financial documents, monitor progress, and keep you on track to meet important deadlines.

Properly submitting all of the necessary forms and documentation is a critical step in securing financial aid. College Planning Network will lead the way from the first form to the final award letter.


The college search and admissions process is stressful. For even the steadiest student, the barrage of decisions and information is dizzying.

College Planning Fresno along with the College Planning Network (CPN) can help.

With advice throughout high school to maximize academics and extracurricular activities, CPN helps students start preparing for college long before the admissions process begins.

When the college search begins, CPN makes researching schools easy. Customizable searches and personalized reports are at your fingertips. We simplify the application process with checklists, reminders, test prep and timelines. You’ll submit excellent applications on time, with minimal stress.

Throughout the whole process, CPN provides access to webinars, podcasts, and master classes with expert content and up-to-the-minute advice.

Additionally, CPN provides access to personalized one-on-one counseling sessions with a certified college counselor. This admissions expert will help you narrow down your college list, craft essays, and submit applications that will highlight strengths, achievements, and potential to the admissions board.

CPN student services is your one-stop resource to reduce stress and maximize opportunities in the college planning process.


In addition to the power of the CPN portal and expert advice from your financial specialist, every CPN program provides a level of personalized college counseling. Here is an overview of each program.

Premier Program
The Premier Program provides the highest level of support and customization. First, you unlock the power of the Strong Interest Inventory®, a globally-recognized assessment that reveals a student’s natural strengths, enables better decision-making, and allows us to match your student with one of our National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) certified college counselors.

Then your student will have 5 individualized one-on-one meetings with their personal counselor. In these Admissions Impact Mentoring (AIM) sessions, the counselor will provide thoughtful guidance and expert advice. The Premier Program optimizes CPN’s support and minimizes your stress.

Advanced Program
Families enrolled in the Advanced Program have access to both the Strong Interest Inventory® and AIM mentoring sessions. We will administer and analyze the Strong assessment to guide decisions and counselor placement. Then your student will have 2 personalized one-on-one AIM sessions with their certified counselor for expert guidance on the applications and admissions topics of their choice.

Basic Program
Families enrolled in the Basic Program will benefit from one personalized coaching session with a certified college counselor. This singular session can be used to receive guidance on developing your college list or any pertinent college planning topics.

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Family Financial Positioning

Our Family Financial Strategies encompass a complete analysis of your EFC* to maximize your opportunity for financial aid. Families may save thousands annually by implementing our plans and strategies to legally reduce their EFC.

*EFC=Estimated Family Contribution is how much money a family is determined to pay out-of-pocket for college.

Your College Planning Team Provides

  • Financial planning advice for affording college without jeopardizing retirement
  • Guidance from college financial aid and admissions experts
  • Interactive portals for college search and career assessment
  • Counseling and advice for a strong admissions application
  • Tools for writing college essays that stand out in the crowd
  • Consistent notifications, timelines, and to-do lists to ensure you and your student stay on track and
    meet deadlines
  • Access to monthly master classes, insider tips, webinars, podcasts, and college and financial coaching
  • Step-by-step guide to financial aid, as well as FAFSA and CSS Profile assistance and submission
  • Secure upload of required personal and financial documents

Offering 3 Levels of Personalized Support
Premier – Advanced – Basic

College Planning Fresno - Combined with the College Planning Network - Offers 3 Levels of Support

The CPN Basic Program

The CPN Advanced Program

The CPN Premier Program

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