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Parents, Do You Have a College Bound Student?

An Insider’s Guide to Obtaining
Maximum Money for College

For Parents with College Bound
Students of all ages. K-12

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Free Educational College Admissions Webinars and In Person Workshop Events offered through College Planning Fresno, a 501c (3) organization, headquartered at 7321 N Tamera Ave, Fresno, CA 93711 / Main Office 559-307-6103, Email [email protected], Scott Karl Economic and Insurance Services headquartered at 7321 N Tamera Ave, Fresno, CA 93711 / Main Office 559-307-6103, Email [email protected] are separate entities and not affiliated with College Planning Fresno.

Please join us for a FREE Educational College Planning Webinar
that will Focus on College Bound Students of all ages.

Attention Parents: If you have a college bound student of any age, you can’t afford to miss this informational workshop.

College Planning Fresno is affiliated with the  College Planning Network, the nation’s premier provider of college admissions and financial aid services. We work together with families to offer the most comprehensive college planning assistance available. We make your family’s goals for higher education more attainable and more affordable.

Our experts will share information and answer your questions about: 

  • 529 Savings Plans and how they may negatively affect the financial aid that you may receive
  • Lowering your Out of Pocket Costs while choosing the college of your choice
  • College Admissions information we’ve gathered from interviews with admissions officers
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and financial aid form basics and the biggest mistakes parents make when filling out these forms
  • Your EFC (Expected Family Contribution), how it is calculated, why you need to know this number, and how it plays into your best strategy for financial aid
  • Obtaining Financial Aid, no matter your income level
  • Scholarship Scams & loan pitfalls
  • Student Loans and other options available for college funding
  • Saving Strategies and how they affect financial aid

Please join us for a FREE Educational College Planning webinar that will focus on college bound students of all ages. We will address the problems associated with college specific savings plans and the details of the Section 529 Plan.

We will also discuss the FAFSA form and all other information you need to understand in order to maximize the amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive.

Even if your family isn’t eligible for need-based aid, we will cover the best strategies on how to pay for college in the most cost-effective basis, without it putting a strain on the rest of your finances.


“I found many of College Planning Fresno’s (CPF) services to be “most” helpful. Speaking with the college funding advisor and the filing of all documents in a timely manner was only the beginning. I was very pleased with all of CPF’s services and financially they saved us a substantial amount of money which truly enabled our son to attend his first choice.”
~ The Johnson Family

“CPF has helped me (a single mother of 4 children) restructure my situation to maximize the benefits of the FAFSA process. They encouraged us to look at private universities and not just state schools because there is more money available for financial aid in a private school. I highly recommend CPF for anyone who has a child entering college to help access their financial situation.”
~ The Singh Family

“Good friends recommended College Planning Fresno to my wife and me. They conveyed a sense of relief at having experienced professionals handle the college funding process from start to finish. It can be overwhelming. Simply put, they took the worry out of the process and saved us time and money we wouldn’t have otherwise known to be possible.”
~ The Crenshaw Family

“We have had a very positive experience with CPF, particularly by comparison with our previous attempt to select/ fund college by ourselves. We would highly recommend the CPF group for anyone who wants to target the best options for their child’s college experience.”
~ The Thompson Family

“I like CPF because I have enough on my plate already. They have been able to give us options that we were unaware existed. They have been very good at listening and understanding our individual family issues. We now have a game plan to send our three girls to college. Thank you!”
~ The Carlson Family

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