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College Planning Fresno

College Admissions and Financial Aid Services

College Planning Fresno is located in the Central San Joaquin Valley serving families throughout the USA. We conduct our services through Zoom or in-person meetings.

Our philosophy is to provide education and resources to help you discover the best approach that serves your student and your pocketbook.

Our services may not always be a good fit for your family. We’re very candid about whom we can help and whom we can’t. We’ll work with families that we know we can make a major impact on their situation.

If you’re on a path to overpay for college, you would obviously like to know it ahead of time. We encourage you to schedule a free no-obligation consultation to provide you with a broader understanding of the college admissions and financial aid process.

Working along side College Planning Network (CPN), we are a family’s single source for all college admissions, funding and financial aid planning needs. We help families from all walks of life make college more affordable and eliminate the anxiety of the college planning process.  

What we’ve found by working with families throughout the years is that the entire college planning process is broken into 4 key phases.

  1. Finding the ‘right’ college for your student.
  2. Positioning your student to improve their odds of being accepted by the college of their choice.
  3. Maximizing the amount of money you may receive.
  4. Creating a college funding strategy that adds value to your present financial plan.

Each phase needs to be mastered in order to achieve maximum success. We make your family’s goals for higher education more attainable and more affordable.

College Planning Fresno

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(At the end of this meeting, you will be better
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of your options and what steps to take.)

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Scott Karl, IAR
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